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August 31, 2010



No need to post this info up online. Either it works for you or not.


are you the ceo of cprime? what is your name and number where you can be reached?
did you know you put "info@crime" as your email address? funny little slip there.


Damn, dude. Seems like you know a lot about cPrime. Too bad your an atheists, you could probably spread "The Word" real well.



I am not in any way associated with cPrime, but I thought I'd chip in my two cents.

The theory behind them isn't magic mystery science. They actually *do* what they say they are going to do. The question is, do they actually help you in an athletic endeavor? That, I'm not sure.

I've taken their "test"...(The same one in the video) and it's actually pretty remarkable. I was really skeptical, but it's really weird how your body reacts differently when it's on versus off. It has nothing to do with being "warmed up". You can take it without, take it with, and take it without again if you are skeptical about it.

It seems like this article attempts to debunk *all* network marketing companies like they are a pyramid scheme of some sort. Couldn't you have used a diagram of a typical corporation and gotten a similar "pyramid" from the CEO on down?

Anyway...thanks for being a "watchdog".

Michael O

Mark Pletcher

thanks for the comment.

but did you not click on the november update? you know, the one where actual science proves the bullshittedness of this magic beans product? the reason the tests "work" is because the testers are manipulating them.

and the difference between a typical org chart and an MLM is that the CEO of a real company does not directly earn money when the staff accountant down at the bottom hires two underlings.


Well, regarding all the athletes who wear them, they are generally given the bracelet for free in exchange for a picture wearing it. They (cprime) then reimburses the rep for doing their marketing for them for at no cost. Well, actually the rep paid a fee to represent the company. So they got paid, and get free marketing.

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